Goodreads Redesign


Marina Geltenbort

Philipp Minel Stäudle




One Semester


November 2022 - January 2023

Our project involved the redesign of a web or app application, and we selected "Goodreads" as our focus. While I have been using this application for several years, our group believed that there was room for improvement in terms of its UX and UI. Goodreads serves as a platform for readers to manage their book collections, explore new titles, and engage with a vibrant community.


We identified several issues with the current design of Goodreads, primarily related to its UX and UI. The existing design appeared outdated and failed to deliver a satisfactory experience to users. We noticed that certain processes within the application were needlessly complicated, adding unnecessary steps and hindering user convenience.

Design Process

Throughout this project, we followed the Design Thinking process. Our journey began with the creation of a user flow and the identification of key features to prioritize.

To gain valuable insights and generate meaningful "How Might We" questions, we conducted interviews with avid readers, book store employees, and librarians.

We then incorporated these insights into our wireframes, allowing us to iterate and refine our design concepts.


Ultimately, we arrived at our final design, which encapsulated the culmination of our efforts and considerations.
In our design approach, we carefully considered the color scheme to create a specific ambiance for the application. To evoke a cozy and inviting atmosphere, we opted for a warm beige color as the background. Our primary color choice was green, as it signifies tranquility and a sense of calmness, aligning with the desired ambiance we aimed to create.
To complement the primary green color, we introduced a warm orange tone to add a touch of excitement and enthusiasm, injecting vibrancy into the overall visual aesthetic.

For the typography, we made intentional choices to enhance the reading experience. We selected a bold serif font as the display font, drawing on the strong association of serif fonts with books, literature, and tradition. To create a modern contrast and ensure readability, we paired the bold serif font with a simple sans serif font, providing a contemporary touch while maintaining clarity and legibility for users.

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