Marina Geltenbort

Malte Fial

Philipp Roser


Adobe XD


One Week


January 2022

GNU is a user-friendly application featuring an integrated chatbot designed to streamline the process of organizing cooking events for groups of people.


Organizing events in larger groups can be quite challenging due to various factors such as conflicting schedules, diverse food preferences, and the need to determine suitable meeting spots.

Design Process

This project was realized within a one week design sprin.
Among other things we created a flow chart, went through an interview process as well as a user testing.


We have developed a design solution that involves an integrated chatbot within our app. Our main objective was to create a haptic experience that would make the planning process more enjoyable and cozy. To achieve this, we aimed to replicate a chatbot that interacts using human language and communicates in a natural and relatable manner.

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