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Philipp Roser

Malte Fial


One Semester


Adobe After Effects





November 2022 - January 2023

Change/Co is a concept for a donation system designed to provide financial assistance to individuals with medical needs who are unable to afford the treatment. The system operates by collecting funds from everyday transactions made through the Change/Co app. Each time a user utilizes the app to make a payment for a service, a small percentage or amount is automatically deducted and allocated towards a fund for medical needs.


Over 760 million people worldwide live in poverty, making it difficult for them to access essential healthcare. Sadly, a significant barrier to supporting these individuals through donations is the lack of motivation and the inconvenience involved in the process.

Design Process

During our design process, we used the double diamond method to facilitate the ideation phase and discover a suitable topic. Once we had selected our topic, healthcare, we conducted interviews with medical professionals from various countries to gain valuable insights into the field. Subsequently, we started on a design sprint to determine the specific aspect that we wanted to delve into and develop in greater detail.


We created a disruptive invention, that is meant to tackle the problem from the bottom up.

Our solution has two distinct aspects. Firstly, from the consumer's perspective, the focus lies on utilizing the App for making purchases, thereby generating donations. Users have the autonomy to determine the amount they wish to spend, and they can manage their payments and payment methods through the app. Additionally, they can track the progress and witness the impact their donations have made.

Secondly, we cater to individuals who require financial assistance for their medical treatment. These individuals can submit a request for funds at a medical institution. Once authorized, their treatment expenses will be covered by the donations received through the system.

To showcase the process we created a video